Farmland in the hands of responsible citizens

A community of active consumers provides healthy soil for organic farmers.

Agriculture is capital intensive, and many farmers have neither the means to acquire land nor the possibility to cultivate it. The BioBoden Cooperative was established in April 2015 to ensure the availability of land for organic farming. It acquires land and farms and leases them permanently to organic farmers at an affordable price. At the same time, BioBoden itself is active on behalf of organic agriculture and enables (young) farmers long-term prospects for work in agriculture.

The cooperative wants to encourage as many people as possible to become involved with our farmland. If the world‘s arable land were to be divided among the world‘s population, each individual would have 2,000 m² of  cropland at his or her disposal. Anyone who becomes a member of BioBoden, can symbolically take responsibility for their share. Each membership enables BioBoden to save organic farmland, in order to allow more organic farming in the future.

The BioHöfe Foundation, led by BioBoden, ensures the ecological future of all land and farms donated to it. The BioHöfe Foundation is ready to take over land and farms of owners in need of trustworthy successors.

“We act for the benefit of society as a whole,” says Uwe Greff, member of the BioBoden board. “Anyone who wants to eat organically and regionally should join us as a member”.

Becoming a member (in German)